Shanghai Kaibo Company Ltd, established in 1993 by Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute, is a new high-tech compounds enterprise. Kaibo is specialized in researching, developing, and producing insulated and sheathing compounds for cables and wires. By 2013, Kaibo occupied an area of 31,334 square meters and had 34 production lines and nearly 500 employees. The annual sales of this year reached at 700 million RMB and the categories of products diversified into more than 200. Nowadays, Kaibo has grown up into an one of the most famous compound material manufacturers and leaders in Chinese Cable & Wire Industry. It has also become the biggest supplier of non-halogen flame retardant compound,silane crosslinked compound, and automotive wire insulated compound in China. In recent years, Kaibo has already expanded its business into global market, such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Brazil, Germany, and Japan, etc. 

        Our products are applied into various fields, such as electric power system, communication equipment, subway, ship, power station, large public building, automobile, and locomotive. Hence, in order to survive in an increasingly competitive global economy, we are constantly innovating with new products and developing existing ones to meet our customers with best desires. Moreover, based on the strategic planning of sustainable development on cable & wire industry, we are consistently dedicated to improving our manufacturing processes and equipments to protect the environment.

        Kaibo is now an internationally recognized professional supplier for high-quality cable materials. We realize that without 20-Year persistence and innovation of Kaibomen, this would not be possible for Kaibo to be a famous brand in Chinese Cable & Wire Industry.  They are still the most valuable assets and responsible for helping this company to fulfill a great achievement in future market.

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